High Tech Litigation, Effective Results

The Alachua County law firm of Skobel Law provides exceptional representation to clients in a variety of civil litigation matters. Our law firm has an emphasis on efficiency in everything we do. This means we work faster and use less billable hours to resolve your problems. We are easier to reach. From chat to video conferencing, we can put you at ease that we are hard at work solving your problems. Our attorney research is top of the line. Skobel Law has its own custom database that allows quicker, better research than traditional firms. We also have an energy efficient work environment with a focus on low overhead.

Federal Building

We go paperless whenever possible. Electronic filing and recording allow us to get the job done faster and cheaper than others. We allow you to digitally sign your documents and then we store them in the cloud so you can access your case and files from home.

Our practice areas include: Real Estate and Land Use, Commercial and Business Litigation, Corporations, Companies and Partnerships, Construction Law, Contracts, Homeowners Association Law, and Intellectual Property Law. Our broad range of experience in civil matters allow us to spot a diverse set of issues resulting in creative solutions that save you time and money.

We have close relationships with professionals in every industry in Gainesville giving us access to the best experts at low cost. Along with the efficient use of experts, we utilize technology in the courtroom, which allows for compelling and responsive presentations before the judge and jury. Our methods are highly successful. We work with you to get the best result possible. We offer a free consultation to all prospective clients, so please contact Skobel Law today!